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Catalyst Golf began in 2018 as long-time world of golf icon and CEO, Wayne McDonald, noticed a void in the Canadian golfing landscape for innovative products that made learning and getting better at the game exactly what it should be, fun!

These products, created in the minds of some of the games greatest, Dave Pelz, Guerin Rife and Gareth Raflewski, are designed to be scientifically superior advancements in learning and technology with a distinctly Canadian flavour, and are built to help you score. From the fun of playing a lakeside summers-day match against your friends with the PELZ Player Cottage Golf Kit, to draining that 15-foot putt to win your club championship with your sleek new Evnroll putter, Catalyst Golf is the epitome of all things the golfer wants. We are a catalyst to provide you a better game, because a better game means YOU have more fun.

There is no better place, and no better time, to be a golfer than right here and right now. You owe it to yourself to check out the rest of catalystgolf.com and see how we can help you get better, and have fun doing it!

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