About - Tyler Egan

An Interview with a Weekend Warrior: Tyler Egan

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself?

A: I’m just a blue collar worker from Toronto who always watched golf growing up but couldn’t afford to play. Picked up the game about four years ago and completely hooked on every aspect, can’t get enough!

Q: How did you get into golf, where did your love for the game come from?

A: I really loved seeing Tiger dominate over those peak years and now getting back into his groove presently, it’s very inspiring, makes me want to play better. I just have so much appreciation for this game and all it gives me back, all the life lessons it teaches, and all the things I can learn from it.

Q: What is the most challenging part of the game for you?

A: The most challenging part of my game is is definitely my short game with my wedges. 50 yards and in is something I struggle with but am striving for better, looking forward to improving this season with the new PELZ Products!

Weekend Warrior Tyler Egan - winner of an Evnroll ER6T Putter

Weekend Warrior Tyler Egan

Q: What is the easiest part of your game?

A: Easiest part is my irons. I don’t hit it far but my iron play is usually spot on.

Q: How far do you hit a stock 7 iron?

A: I hit a 7 iron perfectly to 150 yards.

Q: Are you a pin in or pin out while putting person?

A: I’m traditional I guess and still pull the pin.

Q: What's the best shot you've ever hit?

A: The best shot I’ve ever hit was on the 17th hole at Watson’s Glen. It’s a par three 139 yards, stuck it within 6 inches with a 9 iron, best feeling ever.

Q: What are some of your golfing goals for 2019?

A: Some of my golfing goals would be to really just enjoy the game. Because of the weather in Canada, I haven’t been able to play for 5 months and it’s given me time to reflect and take more appreciation for the game, enjoy all aspects of it and not take it too seriously, I think that remembering that it’s just a game, and that it’s supposed to be fun is important! I do strive to improve and get better with practice but really, to play more consistently good golf is my ultimate goal for 2019.

Q: You won a Catalyst Golf contest and received an Evnroll ER6 Teal putter, what do you think of it so far?

A: My new Evnroll ER6T is amazing! I played my first round with it recently and I know it’ll stay in the bag for a long time. I just feel  so much more confident within ten feet when using it. Looks good, feels good, that’s a deadly combination.

Weekend Warrior Tyler Egan showing the Evnroll ER6T he won.

Weekend Warrior Tyler Egan

Q: Why do you want to support catalyst golf into the future? Why is it a brand you want to get behind?

A: I love what Catalyst Golf stands for, they want to make golf fun, and make you better while having fun. And I like how much they support everyone from the Tour Pro to the everyday weekend golfer like me to get better.

Q: We will be checking in with you throughout the season to see how you’re playing, what do you most want the people to know about you and your golf game?

A: Last I had kept track my handicap was a 12, but that was a few years ago. My current club doesn’t keep a handicap but I’m usually in the 80’s, just on the cusp of shooting 79, and I would really love to keep it in the 70’s this year. Looking forward to checking in with Catalyst too, I hope I can represent to common golfer to see if your products, like the Dave Pelz Collection, can help me improve!