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The new ZERO is a patent pending blend of five key putting technologies that virtually lock the putter face to the target line throughout the putting stroke.

FaceForward Technology - You’ve heard of face-balancing. That is when the shaft aligns with the center of the putter face so that the center of gravity (CG) is directly below the shaft. This causes the putter face to point straight up. FaceForward is when the shaft is aligned very close to the CG but toward the toe of the putter instead of the face. This causes the face to point forward toward the target line.

Gravity Grip - This patented grip incorporates an ultra-light, EVA foam body with a 70-gram, 10” steel rod located in the under-side spine of the grip. Because the shaft angles rearward to align with the CG the grip has a diagonal shaft hole. This allows the grip to point just behind the center of the leading edge of the putter face. The downward gravitational pull of the steel rod further enhances FaceForward Technology virtually locking the putter face to the target line.

Four-Point weighting - The putter head features an ultra-light, precision milled 6061 aluminum body with a 30-gram steel weight positioned in each of the four corners of this clean, modern design. By hollowing out the center of the putter, MOI is maximized for unmatched stability.

SweetFace Technology - This patented face groove technology delivers consistent ball speeds from center and off-center hits with virtually zero dispersion for award-winning accuracy.

ZERO alignment - The golf ball-sized hollowed-out center is surrounded by a bold, white, ball-sized “zero” against the black anodized aluminum body. By adding a white, center line the golfer is rewarded with effortless alignment.


  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, CA
  • Head Material – Black anodized 6061 aluminum, 303 stainless steel weights
  • Loft Angle – 2 degrees
  • Lie-Angle – 70 degrees
  • Stock Grip – EVNROLL Custom Gravity Grip
  • Length – Measured from center of leading edge to top of grip
  • Shaft – Black armour stepless shaft with .370” tip
  • Shafting – Single bend shaft mounted into the head

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I'm very happy with my new Pelz Player Putting Mat.

The lines on the mat and drills that Dave has devised really do help to
reenforce proper alignment. I also prefer not putting into an actual
hole so I can work on distance control. It's better to watch the ball
roll over the circle and still stay on the mat. I highly recommend this

Charlie G.

Bigger than most other putting mats and does not develop groove over time due to tight knit

My son and I have enjoyed this product more than we expected!



Best and most affordable putting mat. Quality is superb!

Yuann Y.