PELZ Player Greens are eco-friendly and protects the environment as no water is needed which also significantly reduces cost and labor. Multi-green designs with water hazards can be built which utilize natural rain water and are self-sustainable. 


No maintenance is needed to keep its best appearance and playability. Simply clean off loose materials like leaves. No fertilizer or pesticides are needed. No pollution or experienced labor is needed.


PELZ Player Greens use SYNLawn artificial turf which Dave Pelz helped develop. A grass facility simply cannot remain lush and resilient if it is used more than three to four days a week, or in the rain, or during times of the year when grass does not grow.


Natural turf can be in poor condition after long winters requiring extensive repair. Hot climates experience significant water shortages and costs. PELZ Player Greens do not need sunlight or nutrients. They remain consistent every year and can be used within hours of installation without worry of damage.