About - Rob


Born in Toronto, Rob Gavarkovs has lived in the mountains of Western Canada, the shores of Australia/New Zealand, and the deserts of Utah, but throughout all his adventures, the one constant has been his love for golf. Taught by his father and grandfather at the age of nine, Rob had a short but successful career on Canada’s Junior Golf Circuit, playing and winning at a national level. One might liken his trials at professional golf to that of Icarus, who flew to fast and to high, that the sun melted his wings.

Rob - living the dream - playing in Dave Pelz's backyard.Rob - Living the dream - playing in Dave Pelz's amazing backyard!

After falling back to earth, pillowed by a landing of passion for the fun side of the game, Rob started a golf blog titled “The Monday Qualifier.” After writing on the state of professional golf, equipment news, player profiles, course reviews and the plight of the daily golf nut, Rob was brought onto Catalyst Golf as the Director of Social Media. Now the man behind the Twitter account, it is Rob's goal to bring innovative and fun golf products to the people that hold the heart and soul of the game, people like you. The soul of our game is with the players that wait all winter to get out, the ones that practice putting on their basement carpet, the ones that have the Masters theme song as their ringtone. Rob is here to bring better golf to you, the keepers of the game, and let you have fun while doing it!