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PELZ Player Backyard Golf Kit

The Backyard Golf Kit is designed to offer a fun way to play and practice golf in your own backyard! The Kit Includes 

  • Two Artificial Hitting Mats (For the deck, driveway, beach or lawn)
  • 24 PELZ Player Short Game Practice balls
  • 2 Range Buckets
  • Two PELZ Player Target Nets

Be sure to watch the instructional videos by Dave Pelz below, and subscribe to our Youtube channel for additional videos as they are published.

  1. Set up your kit by unfolding targets, stabilize with anchor poles, and place in an open area (5-25 yards away from hitting mat recommended)

  2. Place hitting mats in safe swing space

  3. Have fun and please play responsibly, collect all golf balls when finished


  • Play against your friends and family to develop a strong chipping and pitching game, there is no teacher like the pressure of competition! 
    • Hit it in the middle target, that's an eagle
    • Hit it in the outside target, that's a birdie
    • Bounce it into the target, that's a par
    • Miss the target, that's a bogey
  • Play in stroke or match-play format to see how good your short-game is! 
  • You can also play solo, space the targets out in five yard increments and practice your distance control, one of the fundamental keys to becoming a PELZ Player! 

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